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Rintrona's Bistro History

One of five children falling in second youngest is my start to my journey called life.  I was brought into this world by two very Italian families: The Rintronas and the Verillis.   That was the start to becoming the person I am. I am a product of Rintrona's Bakery and Verilli's Market in East Utica.  

My name is Marisa, owner of Rintrona's Bistro.  I have spent 21 years in the restaurant business.  I have worked for some of the most talented and smart business people I know.  At the tender age of 19, I started working at Carmella's Cafe for a woman who taught me my foundation in this business and the former owner of the restaurant I am opening. I was young and inexperienced and the bosses said "You have to train her to bartend" and boy did she ever.

I spent seven years at Carmella's,  Danielle's Valley View, and the Black Cat (I was there at day one with Renee.)  Renee always said that this is yours next.  My last job was opening Old School on Culver Ave with my new boss Frank, who believed in me.  Like all my other bosses, he taught me the world and we made it!   He hired me to manage and run his restaurant and I remained there with him until he sold after two years plus.

In the meantime, during my restaurant career, I got my bachelors degree when i was 32.  I was going to teach!  I subbed and tried it but something told me you are meant for the restaurant business. 

I have been blessed to work for amazing people and today I can call myself the owner of a restaurant that you will be sitting in.  Thank you for your support of my staff and I.   I am a mom of a fierce and smart daughter, Gianna,  who you will see here helping out. My family also consists of my boyfriend Fred Heintz and his two boys, Brady and Freddie.

Family is a team,  so when you come to see us, you are all family.

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